In-Home Support Services

Our In-Home Support Services give periodic assistance to the primary caregiver and empower the client to live independently and purposefully. LHS In-Home Support Services are a combination of hands-on care, habilitative support, and assistance with activities of daily living, including improving:  

  •  Community integration by utilizing community resources. 
  •  Management of financial and personal affairs.
  •  Awareness of health and safety precautions.
  •  Support in the monitoring of health, nutrition and physical condition.  
  •  Coordination and Management tasks outlined in the Plan of Care.
  •  Personal care, household and homemaking tasks that are specific to the needs of the  client.
  •  Developing necessary skills to assist in reducing or eliminating behavioral episodes.
  •  Implementation of client's Behavioral Support Plan (BSP) and positive strategies.
  •  Acquisition or maintenance of skills based on individualized preferences and goals.
  •  Transportation to participate in community events consistent with this service.